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This guest blog was written by Rick Rupkey, Senske Services Las Vegas Branch Manager.

When you live in Las Vegas, you come to expect that run-ins with cockroaches are going to be part of your daily experience.  It may not happen inside your home, but somewhere between your front door, your car, and wherever it is you spend your day, one of our little six legged valley residents is likely to greet you along the way. Cockroach Close Up

Part of the reason is because Las Vegas is a great place, not just for people to live, but also for insects.  We have done a fantastic job of bringing all the things insects love, in huge quantities (is there any other way in Vegas?), and we make them available 24/7.  Food, water, and housing are abundant, especially since cockroaches are not picky about where they set up shop.  For a cockroach Summerlin is just as good as Henderson or The Strip.  They don’t care if you have a dive in Huntridge, or a swanky joint in the Ridges…if the eats are good, and there is something to drink, they are in. So what can a homeowner do to keep these pesky critters at bay?

Step One – Keep your home’s door and window seals in top condition and tightly sealed.  Don’t let them dry out and get loose.  A good rule of thumb is to close the door and stand inside. If you can see daylight from the inside of your home, then insects can get in.  Get your weather stripping and door seals replaced.  Incidentally, this will also keep your heating and cooling bills lower in the hottest and coolest times of the year too…thank us later for the tip!

Step Two – Watch your watering schedule. Las Vegas Valley Water District has strict guidelines for watering your exterior landscaping.  Follow these guidelines carefully.  Not only will this help you save water, but it will minimize the attraction of insects to your structure.  Overwatering draws bugs to your home, making it a beacon to not only cockroaches and crickets, but also other bugs like black widows and scorpions, and nobody wants those characters around!

Step Three – Hire a reputable professional pest control company to maintain your home in a pest free manner.  Think about it for a minute, when your water heater goes down, you call a plumber.  When your air conditioner quits, you call the a/c tech.  When your transmission goes “CLUNK” you head to the auto shop. Why then when you see cockroaches in your home or yard do you go and buy potentially toxic chemicals and spray them all them all around your home?  Hire a Professional trained to protect both themselves and your family and have the peace of mind that the job is being done right.  Come to think of it, why don’t you just hire Senske?

Call us at 877-944-4007, and speak to one of our customer service representatives about cockroach extermination. Our trained pest technicians will be at your home as soon as possible to get rid of your cockroach problems and ensure that you are able to live cockroach free.

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