A yard that has poor drainage can result in a great deal of damage for homeowners if they are not making proactive steps to increase water and air flow now. Water that is sitting on the lawn and that is not draining properly can result in a lack of oxygen to the root system as well as create a perfect environment for fungus to grow. Thus, improving the drainage in shutterstock_245452033your lawn will improve its overall health.

The most common culprit of poor drainage comes from having clay soil. The reason being is that clay soil is denser than normal soil and this will cause water to sit on top of the lawn after a heavy rainfall or watering. Clay soil also prohibits the water to filter properly. Another reason that the lawn may have standing water is because of thatch build-up that prohibits the water from reach deep within the roots.

The good news is that there are simple solutions to these problems. One of the easiest ways to break up dense soil or the thatch layer is with aeration. This will also allow oxygen and water to penetrate deep into the root system and will break up soil compaction. Another way to natural increase the drainage in your soil is by adding organic composted material into the soil. Organic material will create larger pores that allow air and water to passstanding water through more easily.

Some other options to reduce poor drainage problems include building an underground drainage well, creating a berm to redirect the water flow, or by investing in rain barrel that will harvest the rainwater to be used when needed.

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