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The holidays are here, are your decorations ready? If you’re still planning the best way to get your holiday decor in place, it may be time to consider hiring a professional holiday decorating service. Not only can a professional decoration team help you get your holiday decor up in a more timely manner, but they can also help you avoid some of the safety pitfalls of the season. Here’s a closer look at holiday safety tips and why working with a pro is often the wisest solution.

Safety Risks of Holiday Decorating

If you’re not a professional holiday decorator, you could be putting yourself at risk by tackling the job on your own. These injuries are more common than you might think. In November and December of 2010, for instance, over 13,000 people visited the ER because of holiday decorating related injuries. Some of the common holiday decorating safety risks include:

1. Electrical Hazards

Lights, lights, and more lights mean a lot of cords and power outlets. If you’re not experienced in electrical safety, you could be overloading your cords and outlets, which creates a fire hazard, not only that, but using the wrong holiday lights outdoors can create a fire risk, and you can put yourself in danger of electrical shock injuries while hanging holiday lights.

When you work with a pro, you take this risk away. Professional holiday decorating services have the training to safely hang and plug in your lights, while also reducing your personal risk of electrical shock injuries. You can sit back and let the pros do what they do best, without fear of unnecessary risk.

2. Falling Injuries

When you climb the ladder or get up on your roof to hang Christmas lights on your house, are you doing it as safely as possible? Many homeowners are injured during the holidays because they fall from these heights while trying to make their houses look festive. Children who are trying to help their parents are also at risk, because they are more likely to fall from a ladder while helping hold light strands. Do you really want to spend your holidays with a serious injury from a fall or with your child nursing a concussion?

Professional decorators have better ladders and other equipment. They know how to safely access high areas of your home, and can hang your lights more quickly without putting you at risk.

3. Non-Electrical Fire Hazards

While electrical fires are one of the most common hazards of Christmas decorating, you can also have fires because of holiday lights placed too close to flammable objects, including garlands and ornaments. If you’re not fully confident in your ability to hang holiday lights without these hazards, you could be putting your home at risk. Again, the professionals know how to avoid these problems and follow important holiday lighting safety tips to keep your house safe.

How Senske Services Can Help

senske-holiday-decorIf you’re hoping to avoid these safety hazards and enjoy your Christmas tree and lights without undue risk, you need a professional team of holiday decorators. Senske Services has that team. We can help you design a customized holiday decorating plan, then put it up and take it down safely, so you don’t have to add another thing to an already stressful holiday season. We even provide the lights, garlands, ornaments, wreaths, and other accessories to perfect the look. When we partner with you for your holiday decorating needs, we keep safety as our top priority. You can be confident that you’ll have a beautifully decorated home without any undue hazards. We’ll even come after the holiday season and take down the decorations for you!

Schedule Your Estimate For Professional Holiday Decorating Service

Are you ready to take back your holiday while partnering with the pros for holiday decorating? Give Senske a call and talk to our holiday decorating team. Let us give you an estimate for custom holiday decorating services that take into account your goals and desires for your home’s look. With the help of our team, you can avoid common holiday safety risks while still enjoying a beautifully decorated home for Christmas.

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