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It’s been said that sometimes it’s the things that you don’t see that cause the most damage. This is definitely true in the case of lawn grubs. These hidden destroyers attack the roots of your grass and cause damage to the foundation of your lawn, killing its look and health.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese Beatles, June Bugs and Chafers. These C shaped grubs, also called billbugs, feed on the roots of grass. These dirty white colored larvae usually hatch from eggs in the summer. They will then eat until the weather turns cooler when they dive further into the soil for the winter. When the weather turns warmer in spring they will return to the roots and feed until they mature normally by June.

shutterstock_157955252Grubs cause major damage to your lawn while feeding on roots. They can cause the lawn to become spongy and easy to pull up or roll back. They also will cause patches of grass that look dead, usually appearing during spring and later summer.  You can determine if you have a major problem in your yard by cutting a small section of your grass and pulling it back. If you see more than 6-10 grubs then there is a high probability that you have a major problem.

If your dealing with grubs Senske recommends that you contact a lawn care professional as soon as possible. Grub prevention should be a part of any lawn care maintenance plan. Senske performs grub prevention as a part of our lawn care control program. Contact Senske for more information.

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