sprinkler watering lawn

As many of you have noticed, the weather is getting much colder in the evening and early morning.  When we start to experience this colder weather, it is important to consider the preparation of your sprinkler system for freezing temperatures by getting a sprinkler blow-out.  By leaving water in the sprinkler system during these colder times, it risks the chance of freezing and can pose threat to the valves and other key components of the system. This can result in malfunctions in the spring or summer months, when you are depending on them to operate at their highest potential. Once you are finished with the watering for the year, it is a good idea to have your system winterized so that all of the water that is left in the system can be removed. This investment will save you money in the future by preventing any expensive damages that can be caused by freezing.

If you would like to get on the schedule for sprinkler blow-out services this season, please call you local Senske Services for more information.



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