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It’s this time of year, usually in late summer, that insect pests such as fruit flies and phorid flies come out in droves. Flies are annoying at best, carriers of disease at worst. It doesn’t matter how big or small the fly is, they are equally a nuisance, breeding at unimaginable rates. Here are some quick tips for getting rid of these annoying pests.

What’s the Difference Between a Fruit Fly and a Phorid Fly?


While both of these files appear to be similar, they are actually two different insects. Phorid flies are sometimes called humpback flies because their thorax is sloped giving a humped shape. In other words, these flies look like they are hunched up.

Fruit flies do not have this distinct body shape, but they are known for having red eyes. Both of these tiny insects are attracted to food smells, especially decaying fruits and vegetables, as well as the fermenting smells of beer and wine. They tend to follow the smell, breeding at an alarming rate, quickly invading your home or yard. These flies are not known to be especially dangerous, but they may be disease carriers and are incredibly frustrating to have linger around your house.

Why Do I have Fruit Flies?

Most flies are attracted to all kinds of food or organic matter. Fruit flies may invade your kitchen sink, garbage cans, food left sitting out, or other areas that may harbor food. Although you can’t always control whether or not you will experience an insect infestation, you can take measures to reduce the likelihood of an infestation or even get rid of phorid flies or fruit flies altogether.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies


If you find yourself dealing with an infestation, make sure you get rid of any household material that may be suspect. This could mean taking out the garbage, cleaning your kitchen, including washing dirty dishes or the inside of the sink. Flies are known to gather around drains, looking for any food residue left behind. If you have a bowl of fruit sitting out, try covering it with plastic wrap which keeps fruit flies out and the smell of fruit in.

You can also try setting out traps. Setting out various traps made with vinegar or fruit will be irresistible to phorid flies or fruit flies. For example, placing apple cider vinegar or an old banana inside a jar, then covering the top with plastic wrap and a rubber band to secure is a popular trick. Punch holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick to allow that tantalizing smell of the bait attract flies. The pests will be able to find a way in but will become trapped once they do.

Why Pest Control is a Good Idea

Insects are tricky pests to get rid of. Just when you think they are finally gone, more pop out of nowhere. Both phorid flies and fruit flies breed quickly, laying eggs just about anywhere their larva can grow and find enough to eat.

Even if the adult flies are gone, their eggs and larva might be hidden, growing to maturity. Pest control companies such as Senske know how to get rid of flies completely. This means that you can breathe easy, knowing that professional technicians have gotten rid of your problem.

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