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Everywhere you look it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. As Thanksgiving approaches families are scheduling their family get-togethers, creating their plan of attack for Black Friday, and starting to put together their outside holiday lights displays.

While a holiday lights display can be a great source of enjoyment for not only your own family, but also those in the neighborhood, they can also pose risks while installing. The ladders that we use to string holiday lights on our home are also one of the largest sources of home injuries. One Christmas memory that no one wants is being stuck in the doctor’s office for an injury sustained while installing holiday lights.


There are a few steps that can be taken to help holiday lights installation be as safe as possible. The first step is to test the lights you are going to be using before you start installing them. It can be very frustrating, and add more trips up and down the ladder, to get half way through installing holiday lights only to find out that there is a strand that is defective. It’s also a great idea to make sure that the lights you are using are water proof to cut down on the chance of shorts during winter precipitation. Along those same lines, make sure that any extension cords used in your installation are rated for outdoor use and that the connections are kept dry.

Securing your holiday lights with insulated holders, and not tacks or nails, can also cut down on the possibility of a shock, as well as using a GFCI outlet.

Finally every year holiday lights installation contributes to countless injuries including, electrical shock, fires, and falls causing annual damage of 16 million dollars. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time, get some help when it’s needed, and use a high quality ladder.

If you’re having a hard time with your holiday lights, or want to eliminate risks, contact a local holiday light expert, like those as Senske Christmas Décor. These companies have the training and equipment to light your home for the holidays without any unneeded stress to your family. Senske Holiday Lights Installation

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