Here are some common rodents and their characteristics. These are the rodents that a homeowner will typically run into problems with:


  • Invade homes seeking shelter, food and warmth
  • Tend to burrow
  • Pointed nose, small round ears, and long tailshutterstock_241849852
  • House and field mice
  • Medium sized rodent
  • Can spread diseases such as, Hantavirus


  • Very intelligent
  • Aware of their surrounding environment
  • Hide in hard to reach areasshutterstock_236839777
  • Climbers
  • Transmits diseases
  • Large sized rodent


  • Resembles a mouse, with a stouter body, shorter tails, roundedshutterstock_212195992 head, smaller ears and eyes.
  • Small sized rodent 3-9”
  • Feeds on plants
  • Burrows under roots of plants


  • Cylindrical body
  • Velvet fur
  • Small eyes and earsshutterstock_237284686
  • Diggers
  • Feed on earthworms
  • Will burrow in the lawn


  • Burrowing rodentshutterstock_209911243
  • Will tunnel in the lawn
  • Collect food
  • Tunnel for protections





Can transmit Diseases

Oversized front teeth for chewing

Rapid breeders

Capable of squeezing through small areas

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