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Drive down just about any residential street on a weekend during the spring and summer and it’s almost guaranteed that you will see people out mowing and trimming their lawn. We take pride in our lawns and will give up our weekend afternoon to make sure it is freshly cut and looking great. Although mowing your lawn might seem like a pretty simple task, it can be done wrong. Here are a few tips to make sure that mowing your lawn is as effective, and easy as possible.shutterstock_72291778

It’s really important that when you mow your lawn you keep the grass at least 3” tall and never take off more than 1/3 of an inch at a time. Cutting your lawn too short can lead to an infestation of weeds as well as thin patches.

When cutting your lawn it’s also important to make sure that your lawn mower blades are as sharp as possible. Trying to cut your lawn with dull mower blades actually can lead to the mower shredding the grass instead of making a clean cut. It’s also a great idea to change the mowing pattern every time that you mow. This helps to keep the grass from being trained to grow one direction and flattening out.

Life happens, and we all get busy, but if you let your lawn grow a little out of control don’t try and fix it all at once. For your lawns health it’s very important to only take off the top 1/3 off at a time, so if your lawn is growing wild make a few cuts, a few days apart allowing your grass a chance to recover between cuts.

When cutting your lawn it’s also important to overlap your passes by at least 2 inches. This makes sure that you don’t miss sections. Finally don’t cut your grass when it is wet because the wet clippings can clog your mower and can also cause the lawn to be cut uneven.

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