Core Aeration

So, how do you maintain thatch at levels that support healthy grass? The best way to manage lawn thatch and prevent unruly over growth is with lawn aeration, specifically core aeration administered by Senske lawn care specialists.

Aeration.jpgLawn core aeration extracts a core of grass, thatch and soil, slightly larger than an apple core. These cores are removed on a grid every few inches by a special machine.The cores are deposited on top of your lawn to allow the soil and nutrients to wash out of them. The hole left behind allows water, air and fertilizer to move into the root, thatch and soil area to support healthy lawn growth. And, if you over seed your lawn, it creates a great home for that seed to germinate.  This is a much different operation and much better for your lawn than classic dethatching.

Every lawn should be aerated at least once a year. If your thatch problem is severe, you’ll want to have lawn core aeration performed several times a year, twice at a minimum. Lawn aeration can be done any time of the year as long as the lawn isn’t soggy.

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