bee or wasp

Some may be unaware of the differences between a bee and a wasp, and with an appearance that is near identical, it is easy to see why.

However, when we get down to it there are many differences between the two.


Let’s take a look at our chart below to learn more:


DIFFERENCES BEES                                VS. WASP

Bees are less aggressive. Most bees will die after one sting.

Wasps are more aggressive by nature. They can sting multiple times and not die.

Feeding Habits

Bees are pollinators so they eat honey and beeswax.

Wasps are predators so they prey upon other pest species.


Bees are long and fat with 2 wings and bright colors. They have a hairy body and legs.

Wasps are long and thin and have a smooth body and legs.



Hives Bees will create hives in a geometric wax hive.

Wasps will make their hive in paper nests.

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