What are aphids?

  • Sap-sucking insects
  • Soft-bodied insectsaphids
  •  Known as “plant lice”
  • Pear-shaped insects
  • Less than 1/8” in size
  • Feed in large groups
  • Light green in color, most commonly
  • Reproduce quickly
  • Have two short tubes that protrude for the hind ends of their body


What kind of damages do aphids cause?

They will feed on the leaves, stems, buds, flowers, fruits and roots of plants.imagesGCFK4OD1

How do I know if I have Aphids?

  • Curled, or yellow leaves
  • Aphids hiding under the curled-side of a leaf
  • Leaves that are covered in a sticky substance (honeydew)
  • Branches and leaves that appear black in color.
  • Distorted flowers or fruit

How to get rid of aphids?

The best way to get rid of aphids is with insecticide, or with a trained professional’s help.

Please call Senske Services @ 1-800-533-6330 if you would like to learn more about treatments for aphids, or if you would like a free estimate.

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