Ant Prevention:  A Little Goes A Long Way

We know that some think, “Why worry about ants? They’re so small, how much trouble can they actually cause?” The truth is that ants, if ignored, can grow colonies numbering in the millions. These colonies, besides being slightly annoying, can also cause potential health problems when ant waste is introduced to human food. Some species of ants can also tunnel through wood in houses and damage the structural integrity. In some cases, the ants themselves can also cause damage directly to humans through painful bites.

ants-tunnel.pngThere are some steps that you can take to prevent these pesky insects from invading your home. Although ant colonies can be disposed of through baits and  other pest control methods as with any other insect infestation, the best ant control is through prevention. Wet ground is an ideal environment for ant tunnels, so standing water should be taken care of whenever possible to help eliminate colonies before they start.

Ants also like to create colonies in piles of wood and building materials. Keeping these piles away from the house can help to deter ants from looking for a way inside your home. Another good idea is trim back any tree branches or shrubs that are touching the home as ants like to use branches as natural bridge to cross in.

Ants, the ever opportunist, also will search for small cracks at the bottom of the home or outside pipes coming inside. Make sure that these cracks are sealed tightly, as even the smallest opening is a way in.  Finally ants are in the home to find food.Their food of choice is sweets, so making sure all sweet foods are stored in air tight containers can persuade ants that your home doesn’t hold what they are looking for, and encourage them to find their sweets elsewhere.

Keeping your home free of ants can be difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. Save yourself the headache of ant control and instead contact us today at (877) 944-4007 or request an estimate online.

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