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Lawn aeration should be at the top of your to-do list this spring. Aeration offers so many benefits to your lawn, and especially with the snowy weather the west has gotten, your turf could use aeration. If you aren’t sure what aeration is, that’s ok. Aeration is the process of perforating, or punching holes into your turf. You can aerate your lawn by hand, but most lawn aeration is done by machine, simply called a lawn aerator.

If you have never aerated your lawn or if you think aeration is one of those “once-in-awhile” services, pay attention. You may be surprised to learn that aeration should be done annually, once in the fall and once in the spring, in order to maintain long-lasting turf that is healthy and green each year. Here’s why:

Benefits of Aeration

When you aerate your grass, you are doing so much more than making holes in dirt. Over time, your grass creates a layer of thatch. Thatch is a build-up of dead grass that is between the soil and the blades of your living grass. Aeration penetrates the thatch, which allows water and nutrients to reach the root system better. Breaking up thatch and compacted soil gives your grass room to breath, improved access to vital nutrients, and lets the roots expand and new green grass to grow.

The heavy winter snows the western states have dealt with this past winter has taken quite a toll on lawns across the area. Shoveled paths in the snow can often attract heavy foot traffic, compacting the dormant lawn below. Now that temperatures are warming up, we highly recommend homeowners to aerate their lawns as part of their lawn care routine.

An aerated lawn gets the most out of regular watering, repairs damage done by soil compaction, and helps fertilizer get to the roots of your lawn.

The Difference Between Core Aeration and Spike Aeration

Spike aeration uses a metal spike, as the name implies, to puncture compacted soil. Another form of aeration is called core aeration. Core aerators use hollow tines to remove soil plugs, similar to an apple corer. We always recommend using core aeration for the best effect.

Why Lawn Aeration Services?

However you decide to aerate your lawn, Senske is here to help. We have over 75 years of lawn care experience. Rest assured, we know how to maintain a healthy, green lawn. While homeowners can definitely aerate their own lawns, an aeration service can be an enormous help. Aerators are expensive pieces of equipment, and even if you do rent them, you still have to operate the machinery yourself.

Why not give us a call and receive a free estimate on aeration services? Give your grass a head start to a lush, green summer with Senske Services!

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