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Tacoma Tree Service

In need of tree care and trimming services in Tacoma, WA? Our abundance of evergreen trees is something we’re proud of here in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re lucky enough to have trees or shrub on your residential or commercial property, you know that they need care in order to thrive. And tree care can be hard. Luckily, we have certified arborists who can help with your tree service and shrub care.

The only downside to trees is the maintenance they require and the amount of attention they need in order to thrive. Trees and shrubs are prone to disease and seasonal devastation. The afflictions that trees face can be troubling to novice tree-owners. Tree diseases can be extremely hard to identify, especially when trying to determine the cause of a dying tree. Between pests, diseases, seasonal affiliations and fungi, it’s ​frequently a mystery why one of your trees is dying ​while the tree next to it is flourishing.

Our professional tree care services include year-around protection from insects and disease, and bird repellent services. Our certified arborists will keep your shrubs and trees healthy and beautiful, so you can enjoy your trees and shrubs without worrying about their health. If you’re looking for the best tree service in Tacoma, call us at (253) 581-1881 or request a free estimate and get more information about tree diseases from a certified arborist.

Shrub Care & Tree Services Offered

When you use our tree services in Tacoma, you get to choose between different tree service plans, or you can build your own custom shrub and tree service. We offer multiple options for your tree and shrub care, so choose the service that’s just right for you and your yard. Because safety and environmental concerns are of the utmost importance to our customers, we offer traditional and organic tree care.

Our tree service and shrub services include:

  • Dormant oil treatment
  • Tree pest control services
  • Tree trimming
  • Seasonal sprays to protect trees and shrubs against diseases, insects and birds.
  • Soil bed fertilization containing organic fish and sea kelp.

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