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brush trimmingWhile the kids play in the yard, have you ever had an uneasy feeling when glancing at the branches of your trees that loom above them? Tree trimming and pruning services done by our arborists is an easy fix for a potentially dangerous situation. Not only does our tree cutting service create a safe place for the family, your trees will look their best when guided to grow in the right direction and light is able to shine through. Our holistic tree service will ensure your trees are both healthy and safe.

We have ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists on staff who are knowledgeable and trained to give your trees perfect care. Most often, tree trimming and tree pruning in the coldest of winter is the most effective. Although, there are several factors to consider when the “right time” is: the age of the tree, the type of the tree, the care it might not have gotten in the past, etc. With our experienced arborists, we can evaluate each unique situation and create a plan. You can rest easy with healthy, safe and beautiful trees year around. Contact us for a free estimate or call us (877) 944-4007.

Our Tree Trimming and Pruning Services Include All That Your Trees May Need

Removing excess branches and deadwood involves tree maintenance such as fine tree pruning to shape the look, elevating (removing lower branches for clearance), and reduction of size and height of the tree.

As tree experts, we pay close attention to strategically trimming tree branches back. There is a wrong way to trim trees called “topping” that makes the tree deformed, which creates dangerous windsail, permanent damage or even death of the tree. Our tree work focuses on keeping the tree looking balanced, natural, and healthy.

Before we are finished, our tree cutting service includes making sure we dispose of all the cut branches. You won’t have to lift a finger. We are available to residential and commercial customers that are in need of tree pruning services.

Tree Trimming Needs by Tree Species

With so many types of trees, there are different needs to be met in every situation that our expert arborists can confidently handle. In general, it’s best to prune during dormancy after the coldest part of winter has passed.

Fruit Trees

It’s important to prune fruit trees to be sure light is shed on the fruit for a great harvest, although too much pruning can lead to winter injury. Flowering fruit trees need pruning right after the flowers begin to fade. In general, winter is the smart time to prune. For example, when pruning a peach tree, it’s easier to see its shape without the blossoms in this season, and the sap isn’t running through the branches.

Timing can be crucial to pruning fruit trees. Plum tree pruning should be done mid-summer because they are susceptible to an infection called “silver leaf disease”. Pruning apple trees in the spring or summer can leave them open to the bacterial disease called “fireblight”.

Each type of apple tree needs different care to get the best harvest. Overgrown apple trees need special attention and need the help of a professional. Young apple trees and dwarf apple trees may not need as much pruning as old apple trees. Then there are crab apple trees that are mostly grown for their flowers as their small apples are sour!

Oak Trees

Oak tree pruning relies heavily on timing, if pruned from April to October they can get “oak wilt disease”. When it comes to pruning pine trees, timing isn’t as important but it helps to avoid late summer and early fall. It is best to prune while they are dormant (the same goes when pruning aspen trees). If there is any sort of unexpected damage, they should be pruned immediately. There is bleeding when sap begins to flow after pruning maple trees, but it stops after the tree leafs out.

How Much Do Tree Trimming and Pruning Services Cost?

There are a few things we will need to know about the size and number of trees, past tree care, and the overall health. We offer competitive prices, and with a little information we can get you a free estimate! Get your custom quote now.

​Emergency Storm Clearance

Falling limbs or even entire trees is a situation nobody wants. Being proactive with pruning and trimming your trees can greatly reduce risk of property damage or injury and may cause you to avoid an emergency during severe weather. Our professional team of arborists are ready to assist you in clearing dangerous limbs and removing trees that may post a safety hazard. If you need tree removal before or after an incident, we are here for you.

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Our Tree Pruning Service specializes in making sure your trees grow healthy and safe. As always, we go by our Senske Promise – 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we do the job again. ​

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