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Tree Insect & Disease Control Services

Tree pests are among the greatest threats to the lasting health of your trees. From burrowing beetles, to destructive worms, Senske ISA Certified arborists quickly identify warning signs of a tree pest infestation and effectively remove the threat before it’s too late. You can count on Senske for all of your tree insect control and disease treatment services needs!

Common Tree and Shrub Pests

Spider Mites

There are different types of mites that feed on trees. The most affected tree by mites is the maple tree. Eriophyid mites live in the bark of maple trees and feed off of its leaves. Spider mites also feed off of the foliage of maple trees. They are able to suck the nutrients out of leaves with their piercing mouths, causing most aesthetic damage to the tree.


There are many species of aphids that can be found on trees and shrubs alike. Aphids can multiply quickly, feeding on your plants and making them sick. Senske can help you get rid of aphids and enjoy a healthy yard again.

Scale Insects

Scale insects latch onto branches and twigs, burrowing in. There are soft-shelled and armor-shelled scale insects that are both common. When scale insects swarm a tree, they often look like glistening scales, hence their name. Don’t let scale insects ruin your trees!

Tree Borers

Tree boring ​insects are perhaps one of the deadliest threats to trees in North America. While there are several tree boring insects that fit the description, each type can cause certain death in even the heartiest of trees. Senske arborists detect and prevent tree borers before it’s too late.

Other Tree Pests

Fruit Worm

Worms love fruit; if you don’t protect your trees, worms will inevitably be inside of the fruit that your trees have bore. There are many different types of fruit worms: apple maggot, cherry fruit worm, codling moth. Each type of fruit tree requires a specific spraying schedule.

Cherry Bark Tortrix

The cherry bark moth starts out as a caterpillar and turns into a brightly-colored moth. In the larvae stage, this insect builds tunnels in the bark and creates external reddish-orange cocoons. It damages tree bark by feeding off of nutrients that would be going to the tree and by introducing other insects that feed off of the cherry bark tortrix. Tortrix moths, also known as leafrollers can cause a lot of damage to fruit trees, especially cherry and apple trees.​

Root Weevil

Root weevils are troublesome for many different shrubs, especially broadleaf evergreens, including house plants, strawberry plants, rhododendrons and azaleas. Root weevils are most destructive in their larval stage because they feed on roots. However, adult root weevils can also be destructive by feeding off of the plant’s leaves.

Lace Bug

There are more than 160 identified types of lace bugs in North America. Although Azalea lace bugs weren’t a large problem until 2012, they’re now widespread. They feed off of the foliage of shrubs and trees, by sucking the sap out of them. They leave trees and shrubs looking discolored.

Tent Caterpillars

Six out of twenty-six species of tent caterpillars affect North American trees. Tent caterpillar are the larvae of moths and they cause deforestation in multiple types of trees. The larvae of moths and butterflies that eat your plants are often referred to as pest caterpillars. There are many species of caterpillars and they are extremely destructive.

Leaf Miners

These tiny insects burrow into the fleshy parts of leaves. Leaf miners leave behind scribbly patterns on leaves as a result of their tunneling. A large-scale infestation can ruin the appearance of trees and make them sick.

Leaf Beetles

There are many species of leaf beetles found in our area. Swarms of beetles can spread quickly, devouring leaves and stems alike.

Shrub Care & Tree Services Offered

When you use Senske tree insect control and disease treatment services, you get to choose between different tree service plans, or you can build your own custom shrub and tree service. We offer multiple options for your tree and shrub care, so choose the service that’s just right for you and your yard.

Because safety and environmental concerns are of the utmost importance to our customers, we offer traditional and organic tree care. Whether you decide to sign-up for our traditional or organic tree care, you’ll receive:

  • Seasonal sprays to protect trees and shrubs against diseases, insects and birds.
  • Soil bed fertilization containing organic fish and sea kelp.
  • Slug and Snail Control

For such slow-moving pests, it’s incredible how much damage they can cause to gardens and how much irritation they can cause to gardeners. For tree pest solutions and tree pest management contact Senske Services or request your free estimate!

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