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Dormant Oil Application Service For Trees

Dormant oil

Dormant oils are incredibly safe and effective way to protect fruit and other ornamental trees from insects and disease. As most lawn and tree owners will tell you, lawn and tree care doesn’t stop when winter arrives. Winter and early spring are the perfect time to protect trees and plants from insects that feed during the growing season. One of the best protectors against springtime insects are dormant oil application service for trees and plants before they start budding as the weather begins to warm.

Dormant oil is created from filtering impurities out of petroleum and is used to kill plant harming insects before trees start to bud.

There are advantages and some disadvantages to using dormant oil.

Advantages of Dormant Oil Application Services

  • Gets rid of most species of mites and scales
  • Low likelihood of insects developing a resistance
  • Less harmful to beneficial insects
  • Safe for birds, humans and pets

Disadvantages of Dormant Oil

  • Potential plant damage if incorrect oil is used or applied during growing season
  • Only effective against existing pests as minimal residue remains to treat future pest invasions

Protect Your Trees with Dormant Oil Treatment for Trees

As mentioned it’s very important to read the labels on oils before applying them to trees. Oils used on the wrong trees can cause major damage and destroy the appearance of the tree. Oils are best if applied when the temperature is going to remain above freezing for over 24 hours, however it’s usually better to wait until right before the growing season starts because dormant oils can speed up spring bud development.

It is also recommended to use dormant oils with large amounts of water to make sure that all cracks in the tree bark are covered. As with any other type of tree or shrub application it is always recommended that applications be handled by a trained professional. Applications not done properly can at time cause more damage than benefit trees and shrubs.

Senske Lawn and Tree Care specials in protecting trees and helping them grow large and healthy. Our tree service can ensure that your trees are insect free and that all oils and chemicals used are safe and healthy for your trees.

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