Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services

Solar panels provide the perfect roost for pest birds to seek shelter from the elements, and safety from predators. As nest material, feathers, and feces build up under the panels, rain, snow, and ice may be prevented from running off and, instead, leak under your roofing tiles and into your home – carrying a nasty smell, fecal bacteria, and bird-born illnesses with them.

Senske’s certified solar panel bird proofing technicians have all the tools and expert knowledge required to get the job done correctly so your home or business stay structurally  sound, and your family and friends stay safe from illness. Look to us to remove bird waste and debris from under your solar panels, pressure wash underneath, disinfect, and bag up and remove all waste.

Your solar panels and roof will be clean, sanitized, and bird free before you know it.

Solar Panel Pigeon Prevention

Once cleaning and removal has taken place, we’ll install our special solar panel screen system. Specially designed to ensure no damage happens to your panels, we custom fit the screens to your panels with precision and secure them with a specialized solar panel attachment system.

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