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Bush Trimming and Shrub Pruning Services

Enjoy your yard with family and friends without the frustration of unruly plants or bushes getting in the way of your fun. Bush Trimming and Shrub Pruning Services provided by our arborists will have your plants looking their best, and remaining healthy. We know which plants need frequent trimming, and which could benefit from less frequent pruning services.

Our Plant Pruning Services

Removing excess branches and dead or dying foliage involves pruning to shape the look, removing lower branches for clearing, and reduction of size and height of your bushes and plants. Keeping them at their optimal sizes ensures they thrive far into the future. We pay close attention to the way we trim and prune and strategically encourage fresh, new growth. You can count on your plants looking natural, balanced, and healthy.

Plant Trimming Needs Vary Species

With so many types of plants and bushes, and the individual needs each plant has, our experts have their work cut out for them, but they’re up for the task. Plan on your expert to recognize the needs of your plant. They’ll be able to help you know the needs of your plants, and the timing best suited to prune and trim each species. A start at late winter may be the best way to achieve a perfect summer yard, but some plants benefit from later prunings.

Trust us to evaluate your unique situation and create a plan. You can rest easy with healthy, safe and beautiful trees year around. Contact us for a free estimate or call us (877) 944-4007.

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