noxious weed control

Noxious Weed Control

Noxious weeds are weeds designated by local, county, state, or national weed control boards and governments as plants dangerous to the local flora and fauna. While many noxious weeds are native, most have been brought in from other places around the world and adversely affect the areas we farm, live, and play in. Typically aggressive in growth, these plants often cause adverse effects when ingested or touched by humans or animals.

To preserve the habitat and lives of native plants and animals, it’s crucial to remove noxious weeds when found. In addition to their aggressive growth, many noxious weeds come with their own foreign diseases that can pass over to native plants and destroy entire ecosystems. For a full list of the United States’ noxious weeds, look here.

Why Senske for Noxious Weed Control?

At Senske, our lawn care professionals are experts in identifying noxious weeds, and understand how to effectively prevent, eradicate, and manage invading species. The use of safe chemicals, along with fertilizer, and standard lawn care, can also help to prevent noxious weeds from appearing or spreading. Pre-emergence, post-emergence or a weed and feed solution can all be helpful.

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