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Liquid Lawn Aeration

Liquid Aeration Process

Liquid lawn aeration has all the benefits of mechanical aeration without the mess and wait! The aeration solution is simply sprayed onto the lawn and works its magic with no manual intervention or steps. The liquid aeration creates microscopic pores by breaking down the compacted soil so that it will act like a sponge when exposed to moisture.

Benefits of Liquid Aeration

The benefits of liquid aeration are similar to core aeration with added convenience and less mess. Liquid aeration opens up pores in soil which increases oxygen and water flow leading to increased water absorption and retention. Increased absorption and retention of water means your lawn dries out slower and requires less water overall. Aeration allows grass roots to spread out and properly grow when soil is not overly compacted, creating healthier root systems. A healthy lawn that is able to properly breathe and grow is more responsive to fertilizer and other treatments.

Signs Your Lawn Needs Liquid Aeration

  • Perform a compaction test by inserting a screwdriver or tent stake into the soil, if it’s difficult you may need to aerate.
  • Your lawn dries out quickly or water forms puddles instead of being absorbed by the soil.
  • Your grass is developing brown patches or discolored areas. Discoloration typically indicates that soil does not have the proper nutrients.
  • Your lawn gets heavy foot traffic. If kids and pets frequently play in your yard it can cause compacted soil.

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