Lawn Overseeding Service

A lawn overseeding services is the process of laying new grass seed across your lawn. When our expert team lays down new grass seed, they carefully apply the fresh layer so that it evenly fills in any bare spots in your lawn. Over time, grass will naturally thin with each season, this is why overseeding can restore aging lawns.

The Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

dry-lawn.jpgOverseeding is best done along with core aeration. This is because aeration breaks up soil, allowing grass seeds to be planted into the soil much more efficiently. Fresh, healthy grass will be able to take root and grow.

There are many benefits to overseeding your lawn, such as filling in bare spots and strengthening your lawn overall. Here are a few of the benefits of lawn overseeding service:

  • New grass fills in thin spots.
  • Fills in crabgrass spots in fall so that pre emergent can work in spring.
  • Cuts off opportunity areas for weeds.
  • Thick lawn is the best defense against weeds.
  • Younger grass is greener.
  • We use the best grass so you can get the best lawn.
  • We use industrial grade equipment and the best and purest seed.
  • Cheap seed adds problems you can’t get out.
  • New varieties of grass are more resistant to drought disease and pests.

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Lawn Overseeding are the answers for a more healthy, beautiful lawn. Do you have bare patches in your lawn? Is your grass looking thin? Give Senske Services a call and we will help your lawn make a comeback!

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