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Birds play an important role in the balance of our ecosystem. While perfectly suited for nature, birds that take over your property can bring disease, and leave messes of droppings that are difficult to clean.  Our bird control services will inspect and identify your specific bird problem, come up with a solid plan for deterring and removal, and regularly check for signs of more.

Senske Bird Pest Control services can safely and effectively remove pest birds from your property. The three most common species of pest birds of concern to consumers are feral pigeons, English Sparrows, and the European Starlings. All three are considered an invasive species – not native to the United States – and have no natural enemies. Pigeons and other birds, inconveniently land and nest on tops of houses and buildings. In the case of pigeons, when one bird finds a suitable place to land, a flock shortly follows. Once pigeons have chosen your house or building as their new residence, it’s hard to get rid of them without using the help of a professional bird control service.

Feral Pigeon

feral pigeon

  • Most prevalent urban pest bird
  • Normally blue-gray with white back side
  • Can grow 12 – 15 inches and up to 16 ounces
  • Inhabits roof-tops, ledges, air conditioning units and alcoves
  • Not migratory and will instinctively stay near where they are born, often referred to as “homing.”
  • Associated with damage to structures and equipment due to acid in their droppings
  • Bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites which may be transmitted to humans




English Sparrow

English sparrow

  • Number two pest bird in the United States
  • Grow 5 – 6 inches long weighing 1 ounce
  • Prefer to build nests in house shutters, drainage piping, building rafters and corrugated metal siding
  • Does not migrate but can move from rural areas to warmer city spaces in winter
  • Aggressive bird that because of their incessant chirping can become a great nuisance
  • Known to clog drains with nests and roosting, causing possible flooding of areas
  • Droppings can cause both structural damage and may present health risks to humans

European Starling

Euro Starling Senske

  • Number three pest bird in United States
  • Can grow up to 8 inches long and 3 ounces
  • Aggressive bird that can drive off native birds
  • Gather in large flocks that can grow quickly, and are a pest of economic importance to the agriculture industry
  • Build nests in trees and rooftops
  • Their large flocks can overtake trees and rooftops
  • Uric Acid in feces can corrode stone, metal and masonry
  • Bacteria, fungal agents, and parasites in feces may also present health risk for humans




Why Senske for Pest Birds?

Pest birds can not only cause damage to homes and structures, but also may present health risks to your family. Pest birds can be very hard to remove from your home or business.

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