repaired sprinkler head sprays lawn with water in coeur provo utah thanks to Senske provo sprinkler repair service.

Provo Sprinkler Repair Service

Provo, Utah has long winters with cold nights and lots of precipitation. As residents of Provo, we get used to the snow and can adjust to the cold, but our sprinklers can’t. Because we live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing, it’s important that we aptly prepare our houses, property and yards for winter. This includes our sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler blowouts are pivotal for the survival of your sprinkler system. However, not a lot of people with houses and yards have the high pressure equipment to conduct sprinkler blowouts. That’s why we offer sprinkler winterization. We’ll take that item off of your list, so you can focus on more important things, like enjoying your weekends and spending time with your family.

Save your sprinkler system from damage and disrepair! Call us today at (801) 426-6353 or request an estimate for a sprinkler blowout before the snow starts falling.

Why Choose Senske for Your Sprinkler Repair Needs?

With a history as long as ours, you’ll understand why customers turn to us for sprinkler repair, and stay with us for all of their lawn care needs. We’ve been operating as a lawn care company since 1947; the whole time we’ve been a family-run business. That’s why you can trust us; because we’re a family and we know the struggle of maintaining work, life and yard maintenance. It’s hard managing it all, so let us help.

Don’t get dragged down by sprinklers. Call us at (801) 426-6353 or request an estimate. We’ll get your sprinklers up and running in no time!

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