It’s important for businesses to upkeep their exterior property in order to maintain professionalism. A customer is more likely to seek business and be satisfied with a company that creates a sense of well-being in the interior and exterior of their building. We offer commercial grounds maintenance for business properties. If your business requires commercial lawn and garden services, call us for commercial yard maintenance at (801) 426-6353 or request a free estimate for landscape maintenance in Provo and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Lawn Mowing Services & Lawn Treatment

We provide businesses with a wide range of commercial lawn care services. Services include lawn mowing services, fertilization and weed control. If your business is seeking out commercial lawn and garden services, call Senske, your local landscape maintenance company, at (801) 426-6353 or request a free estimate for commercial lawn care in Provo and the surrounding areas.

Tree & Shrub Care

Tree care is a huge part of lawn maintenance, but oftentimes businesses don’t have time to dedicate to tree and shrub care. Let our professional arborists take care of all your trimming, pruning, spraying and planting. We offer seasonal planting in beds and planters so your business can stand out with beautiful flowers and trees.

Commercial Lawn Pest Control

Commercial landscapes have to continuously watch out for pests invading their yards, trees, plants and grass. Part of our commercial lawn care service is to prevent and protect businesses from getting lawn pests. Participating in continuous commercial landscape maintenance is one way to prevent pests from arriving. Time and money can be saved by catching pests early, or by preventing them altogether. Let our experienced lawn pest technicians do the dirty work so you can focus on your company’s bottom line. Call us at (801) 426-6353 or request a free estimate.

Snow Removal Services

Winters in Provo are cold and wet. We get a mixture of rain, ice and snow, which can be detrimental to businesses; especially businesses that host customers and clients. During the winter, more often than not, parking lots need to be de-iced, irrigation needs to be winterized and snow needs to be removed. Let us take care of your commercial grounds maintenance during the cold season. With our professional snow removal equipment, you’ll be prepared for rain, snow, sleet and ice.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial property maintenance means more than just lawn service and yard maintenance; it means lot sweeping, parking light maintenance, trash removal and asphalt maintenance. These are the things that every business has to think about. Don’t waste time fretting about property maintenance, instead, let us do it for you.

Our commercial landscape maintenance services include:

  • Ongoing lawn care, fertilization and weed control
  • Application of pre-emergent to control new weed growth
  • Care for all plants and trees on property (including trimming and pruning)
  • Regular plant inspections, fertilization and preventative care against diseases
  • Commercial pest control
  • Lot sweeping and reliable snow and ice removal
  • Irrigation services from installation to start-up and winterization

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