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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Tips

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar panelsYour roof provides an excellent location to mount solar panels, but unfortunately, it is also an excellent location for birds to make their nests. In fact, the addition of solar panels creates a perfect nesting ground for pigeons and other birds, because they have the stable surface of your roof combined with the shelter of the solar panels above them.

Birds nesting on or under your solar panels can damage this important investment, and they can also carry over 60 diseases and 40 parasites that could make your family sick. Clearly, this is a problem you need to avoid at all costs. If you’re planning for solar panel installation or already have panels in place, you need to consider solar panel bird proofing. Senske is ready to help.

Senske Prevents Pest Birds from Damaging Solar Panels

Senske’s comprehensive pest control services extends to pest birds, such as feral pigeons, English sparrows, and European starlings. These birds are invasive species and can quickly take over your yard, nesting in your solar panels and causing serious damage. Our pest control professionals know how to add deterrents to your property that will keep these birds away, so they don’t decide that your roof and solar panels are a perfect nesting spot. Using mesh, screens, and other deterrent products, we can keep these pesky critters off your roof, preventing unsightly and costly damage to your solar panels.

If you have newly installed solar panels, prevention is the best way to deal with pest birds. They will nest on your roof and cause damage, so invest in deterrents now before this becomes a problem.

Senske Removes Pest Birds

shutterstock_1145630132-min.jpgMany homeowners install solar panels without knowing the risk of bird infestation. If you already have a bird problem in your solar panels, we can help. Using humane traps, we will capture the birds and take them to a safer area, away from your home. We also remove nests and debris from under your solar panels, bag it, and remove it from your property. Then, we pressure wash the area to clean and disinfect it, so your family is safe. Finally, we add deterrents to prevent the birds from returning to your roof, so your family and your solar panels stay protected in the future.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate for Pest Bird Removal and Deterrent Services

Pest birds are a big nuisance and a hazard for your family. Installing solar panels is like an invitation to these birds to come and make your roof their home. Senske can help prevent this. Contact our team to get a free quote for bird deterrent and removal services. With the help of our pest control professionals, you can have confidence that your solar panels are properly protected and ready to help you lower your energy bills.

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