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Rats have been around for centuries, and have also left their mark in our history having been attributed as the carriers of the black plague. Because of this notoriety, even today, rats when seen, tend to invoke fear.

There are two main types of rats: the brown or Norway Rat and the black rat, also known as Roof Rats. Black rats are 8 inches long and have a longer tail than their body, while brown rats are 10 inches long and have tail that is shorter than their body.

rat 2804058 640Rats often live in areas populated by humans and depend on them for food. Rats will eat just about anything they can get to. Humans will not normally see rats out in the open unless their populations have grown to a point where they have to venture out for food.

Rat populations can grow quickly, with brown rat females being able to produce 7 litters a year with 12 young in a litter. Black rats, on the other hand, will have 3 to 5 liters a year with 5 to 8 young per litter.

While rats can cause damage to household materials trying to reach food, the most dangerous aspect of rats is the diseases that they carry, the most famous of which was the black plague.

Rat urine have been known to also cause liver and kidney damage to humans when left on food that has been ingested. Dander and droppings from rats can also cause allergic reactions when around humans who are sensitive to them.

Rats can be difficult to deal with because they are very wary of unknown objects in their paths. The most efficient and safest way to deal with rats is by calling a trained professional like those at Senske Pest Control. Don’t allow rats to gain a foothold in your home, instead contact us today at (877) 944-4007or request an estimate online.

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