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If you live in a city, chances are that you are no stranger to pigeon control problems. Pigeons are urban nuisances and can cause damage to property and create unsafe living conditions. These obnoxious birds carry over 60 types of diseases that can be transferred to yourself or your customers, your children and your pets. If you think you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to call Senske Pest Control at (877) 944-4007 or request a free estimate to remedy your pigeon problems today!

Pigeons are destructive to houses and buildings because of their nests and their fecal matter. Their droppings can carry diseases which can be transferred through the air. The last thing anyone wants in their place of residence is to be bombarded with pigeon poop every time they step outside of their front door.

If you have noticed a few pigeons starting to roam around your house or business, it’s important to tackle this small inconvenience before the rest of their flock arrives. Pigeons defecate 40 to 50 times a day. Their feces contain pheromones that signal other pigeons to gather. Pigeons are a non-migratory bird, which means they live and nest in one location. Once a flock has settled, they are there to stay.

Pigeons will start repopulating immediately after finding a suitable home. Female pigeons can have five babies a year. So if you notice a few pigeons starting to hang around your home or business, end your pigeon problem before it starts with Senske preventive pest control.

Pigeons usually live under bridges, on rooftops of buildings or houses, below air conditioning units or extending rooflines of structures. Being urban birds, they are scavengers, which is why urban houses and buildings provide ideal nesting locations. They flock to cities for food and protection from predators.


These bird pests are not only an eye-sore to your house and a customer-deterrent to your business; they are a health and safety hazard. Pigeon nests block drain gutters and can act as fire hazards if pigeons build their nests close to electrical wiring.

Their feces can enter the inside of buildings through air ventilation systems and poison inside air. Pigeons, pigeon feces and pigeon nests can carry diseases that have the ability to be transmitted by touch or through the air. They can become unwanted residents of your home or business at any time.

If you have unwanted pigeons roosting around your place of residence, work or business, act fast and call Senske Pest Control a (877) 944-4007 or request a free estimate today.

Why choose Senske?

Senske Pest Control has been in the pest industry since 1947. We have the knowledge and expertise required to effectively control and remove pigeons. When you’re faced with an invasion of pigeons, you need a pest bird control company who knows what they’re doing. Our experienced technicians are licensed and trained in pigeon control and removal. We are approved by state and the federal government.

If you have a pigeon problem, do not DIY (do it yourself). Removing pigeons yourself usually entails climbing onto your rooftop and interacting with your resident pigeons. Their feces can be poisonous if inhaled. Diseases from pigeon fecal matter can be transmitted through the air. Cleaning your rooftop of all pigeon droppings can be extremely hazardous.

Stay safe by hiring a professional pigeon control service to get rid of pigeons that are invading your home or business.

Senske Pigeon Control Services: Our Process

Our process is simple- it starts with you contacting Senske at (877) 944-4007  or request a free estimate. We’ll have one of our trained technicians come to your location of pigeon infestation and provide an assessment. Our plan for pigeon control will be dependent upon the extent of the infestation, the location, accessibility and your budget. After the assessment, we will provide you with a cost estimate for the control and/or removal of the pigeons. Then we’ll get to work and you can sit back and relax!

There are two ways of dealing with pigeon infestations- pigeon control (also referred to as pigeon exclusion) and pigeon removal. Pigeon control involves manipulating pigeon behavior away from your house or commercial building by the use of structural barriers.

Barriers can include audio or visual deterrents, low voltage electrical tracks, nets or chemicals. The goal of pigeon control is to deter pigeons from landing, roosting, nesting or pooping on your building by using pigeon repellents. Pigeon control is done without physically removing the pigeons.pigeon-bird.jpg

Pigeon removal involves setting traps and actually removing existing pigeons from your premises. In the most extreme cases, pigeons need to be exterminated, but in most cases, we can use other more humane methods of pigeon control and removal.

Our trained technician will make a suggestion as to the best method for you. We will always make sure you are comfortable with the removal process before we initiate any pigeon control or removal plan.

Our Senske promise provides you with a guarantee of 100% service satisfaction. So why wait? Get rid of unwanted roosting pigeons today by calling or request a free estimate.

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