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If you’re starting to notice small dirt mounds in your yard or golf-ball sized holes near your home’s foundation, you likely have a problem with moles or voles. These pesky rodents can destroy the hard work you’ve put into landscaping, and they are notoriously hard to get rid of. If you are looking for mole or vole control, Senske has proven, effective, and safe pest control solutions for you.

If you’re noticing problems in your yard, call Senske Services at (877) 944-4007 for mole control and vole pest control services.

How Senske Gets Rid of Moles and Voles

At Senske, we offer proven techniques to get rid of moles and voles for good. These rodents are challenging for homeowners because their habitats can expand throughout your yard, making it hard to locate and remove them. Many states, like Washington, are now banning certain types of traps for rodent removal. This makes it difficult to take care of the problem on your own.

The key to getting rid of moles and voles is to make your yard inhospitable to them. However, if you have grass and plants, they are going to be naturally drawn to them. Your landscaping creates a food source for these rodents. So what can you do if you can’t trap them and your yard naturally draws them? The answer is to call Senske!

If you have a mole or vole problem, Senske can help without traps or inhumane removal techniques. We use a natural vole and mole repellent that has an active ingredient that smells bad to these critters but is undetectable by humans.

By spraying the repellent throughout your yard, we make your property unappealing to invasive pests. The mole and vole population quickly decreases as the animals have to look for a new food source that is not contaminated.

Our vole and mole repellent is a natural solution that is safe for pets and children. In fact, you won’t even be able to smell the solution. Because moles and voles have strong sensory receptors in their snouts, it is very unpleasant for them without disrupting you or your family. They will leave your yard quickly after application, so you can repair the damage created by vole runways and underground tunnels from moles.

What Is the Difference Between Moles and Voles?

Moles and voles are both problematic for your yard, but they do damage in different ways. 

mole and vole in yards. They need Senske pest control.


Moles – Moles are larger than voles and have a pointed snout and large front feet. Though they do have eyes and ears, they are small and hard to see.

Moles dig tunnels underground and are insectivores. This means moles feed on insects and worms found in the soil. Mole damage occurs because of the holes they dig and the damage to lawn and plant roots created when they dig in your yard.

Voles – Voles are smaller and look similar to mice. They have a brown or black colored body with a gray underside. They don’t dig down far into the ground but live in low-lying vegetation. They tend to make tunnels and trails just below the surface of the ground.

Voles feed on plants and will eat the roots, bulbs, bark, leaves, and seeds of your plants and grasses. They can quickly destroy your landscaping, foliage, and garden. If left unchecked, they can even kill trees.

Common Types of Moles & Voles

There are several types of moles and voles that can take over your yard. Some common types found in our area include:

Garden Moles – Garden moles are the larger type of mole, measuring about 8.3 inches long. They have a body weight of around 5 oz. Garden moles are sometimes called Townsend’s moles.

Coast Moles – Coast moles are smaller, measuring about 6.3 inches and weighing about 2.2 oz. They like moist soil that is easy to dig in.

Voles – Listing the different types of voles would be difficult because there are over 155 of them! Most are small, but they can range from 3 to 9 inches in length. Many people mistake voles for mice, but they have a slightly larger snout and are less likely to invade your actual house.

If you’ve identified moles or voles, regardless of the type, you need to get rid of them quickly. Reach out to Senske for mole and vole removal services.

Contact Your Local Mole Control & Vole Removal Service Locations

The team at Senske is your local pest control experts. We offer all types of pest control services, including mole pest control and vole pest control, to help keep your home safe and your yard protected.

If you are seeing signs of a vole infestation or have found the holes moles dig in your yard, you need to move quickly. We recommend getting rid of moles and voles in early spring because these are the times and seasons when moles surface most and can do the most damage to your landscape.

Keep your home and yard protected by getting rid of moles and voles with help from Senske. Contact your local mole and vole pest control experts today! 

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