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Do I Need Grub Control Services?

What Are the White Grubs in My Lawn?

European Chafers, also called lawn grubs or white grubs, are easy to identify because of the distinctive C shape they curl into when stressed. They enjoy feeding on the root system of your lawn and eventually grow into beetles that make quick work of vegetation and quickly reproduce. Beetle grubs are the larval stage of several lawn beetle species found in North America and cause most of their damage in the summer and fall when they hatch and begin feeding on grass roots.

Signs of Grub Lawn Damage

Often, the first sign of a grub damaged lawn is brown patches that don’t get greener with more frequent watering. In addition to turf death, homeowners may wake up to find their yards shredded by birds, moles, racoons, and skunks eager to make a meal out of an infestation during the night.

How to Check for Grubs

The first step to knowing when you should treat for grubs in your lawn is checking around the brown spots you’ve noticed. You can easily check for grubs yourself by cutting a circle about 2-3” deep and 6” wide into your turf and peeling it back to look at the root system. If you find a few grubs, it’s a good idea to call us before your lawn dies or even more pests become involved. Healthy, lush turf usually tolerates a few grub worms, but even the healthiest, fullest lawn can be killed by grubs in a matter of days.

Eliminate Lawn Grubs With the Best Grub Control

If you’re wondering what the best grub killer or lawn grub treatment plan is, or how to get rid of grubs, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to grubs in soil, it’s best to utilize a Senske professional. We’ll prevent and kill grubs in your garden or lawn quickly and come up with a treatment plan to keep them away. With a grub control plan in place, we can stop Chafer Beetles, and White Chafer Grubs from infesting your lawn and help it recover quickly. 

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