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What Are The Signs of Billbug Infestation?

Billbugs, also known as the Snout Beetle, can be especially difficult to eradicate from lawns. With females that lay up to 5 eggs per day and very hungry larvae, they make quick work of your grass from the root system to the tops of the blade. Often, homeowners mistake yellowing or brown patches in their yard as drought or disease and overwater without success before realizing, as the turf continues to die, they have a full-blown infestation on their hands.

How Did I Get Billbugs?

Surprisingly common to most regions of North America, it’s likely the billbugs in your grass simply walked into your garden from a nearby yard or grassy field. While they pose no threat to humans and rarely wander inside, the presence of billbugs in your yard is likely to draw in additional pests such as skunks and wasps. Because of this, early billbug detection and treatment is especially important.

What Are Billbugs? What Do Billbugs Look Like?

Members of the weevil family, adult billbugs are beetles with snouts – up to ½” long – and typically appear dull gray to black in color. Billbug larvae are laid as eggs into grass blades and grow into white, humpbacked grubs with soft bodies and yellow or brown heads. While adult billbugs snack on your grass tips and lay eggs in the stems, their larvae munch deep into the root system of the grass. It’s not long until they’ve made quick work of what used to be a beautiful lawn.

Many Billbug Species

An astonishing 64 of the 71 billbug species known to exist occur in North America. At least 10 of those species affect the United States, including the Bluegrass Billbug, Hunting Billbug, and Rocky Mountain Billbug – all common to our area.

Get Rid of Billbugs Lawn Damage with Senske

Some billbug prevention measures homeowners can take include:

  • Planting billbug resistant turf varieties.
  • Minimize thatch and dead leaves in your grass and around your home.

When it comes to billbug treatment, it’s a good idea to talk to a Senske professional. At Senske, our technicians are trained to manage billbugs using safe biological, control products and insecticide spray applications during the time of year they can be most effective against them. Senske provides the right solutions to keep billbugs out of your grass, and turf.

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