Japanese Clover

Do I Need Japanese Clover Treatment Services? What is Japanese Clover (Lespedeza)? Common Lespedeza, often referred to as Japanese Clover, is a weed species native to China and Japan. Known in Asia as Kummerowia Striata, the plant was first observed in the U.S. in the 1840’s. By the 1880’s, and partly due to the civil […]


Do I Need Oxalis Weed Treatment? What is Oxalis Weed? Oxalis is a fast-spreading weed that can quickly overtake a lawn if left to its own devices. Clover-like in appearance, Oxalis spreads in multiple directions and anchors itself to the soil as it grows. While the flowers are pretty, Oxalis is difficult to control and […]


Do I Need Spurge Weed Treatment Services? What is Spurge (Euphorbia)? Spurge is the common name for Euphorbia, a hardy, expansive plant genus that includes over 2,000 species – including some cactus, evergreens, and sharp-spined shrubs. Some Spurge varieties make beautiful additions to lawns and gardens, such as Cushion Spurge and Japanese Spurge. Not all […]


Do I Need Dandelion Killer Treatment? What are Dandelions? Dandelions are broadleaf perennials believed to be native to Europe and Asia. Generally looked upon as an invasive weed species, they tend to be disliked by most homeowners. As perennial plants, you can expect dandelions to reappear each year and propagate into fields of flowers if […]


How Do I Get Rid of Clover In My Lawn? Clover can be difficult to remove from lawns without causing damage. Read on to learn about clover and the best approaches you can take to remove it for good and keep it from coming back. What is Clover? Clover is a genus of the pea […]


Crabgrass Control and Removal Services We have all seen it – looking at our lush, green grass we suddenly see something growing that doesn’t belong. Although most people have dealt with crabgrass in their lawns, it remains one of the most misidentified lawn weeds and a challenge for weed control. Some will see tall and […]

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