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These pesky creatures have similar names and are both a type of garden pest that can cause damage to your lawn. However, these rodents are very different from each other and shouldn’t be confused. Below we will take a look at the some basic features of each to better distinguish the differences between the two and can hopefully help homeowners identify what type of pest they are dealing with in their lawn.

Mole: Has a carnivorous diet and is not a rodent. They typically do not cause damage to plants. shutterstock_212195992Rodents such as, voles will sometimes use the tunnels that moles produce to gain access to the plants that they feed on so it easy to confuse the culprit of the problem.


Vole: Is a rodent and usually feeds on the base of trees and shrubs. They cause a great deal of damage to flower or vegetable gardens, as well as eat the stems of grasses. shutterstock_237284686They are most commonly identified by sighting runways in the lawn or burrowing that leads to food sources such as roots.

Voles and moles are two entirely different pests that are often confused. Moles mostly cause damage through tunneling when they are looking for their next meal. Voles will feed on grass, flower roots, seeds, bulbs, bark and shrubs. Moles are seldom seen because they live underground. Voles look like mice but they have shorter tails and can quickly colonize an area. The easiest way to identify a mole is by locating golf ball sized holes in the lawn.

The best way to control these pests is by calling a professional. Most common control methods include trapping, bait stations, or repellant. If you would like a free estimate on rodent control and mole or vole services, please call 1-800-533-6330.  


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