Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs while Traveling

 Until you’ve done a thorough inspection of the hotel, or place you are staying, make sure to head straight to the bathroom to store your luggage. Bed bugs generally do not venture into the bathroom because of the tiled floors and lack of hiding spots. You will want to make sure to check the bed first. You […]

National Pest Awareness Month

This April is Pest Awareness Month, and for those who are unaware, this tradition has been going strong for 30 years.  The purpose of Pest Awareness Month is to increase public awareness about the risks involved with household pests as well as to educate homeowner’s of the importance of being proactive to prevent pest infestations in and […]

Swallow Nesting Raises Concerns

Swallows are migratory birds that breed in Washington State starting in the spring and continuing into the fall season. Swallows are about the same size as a sparrow and have long, pointed wings with streamlined bodies. There are a total of 7 different members of swallow family that breed in Washington State every year. Out of these […]

Bees vs.Wasps, What’s the Difference?

Some may be unaware of the differences between a bee and a wasp, and with an appearance that is near identical, it is easy to see why. However, when we get down to it there are many differences between the two.   Let’s take a look at our chart below to learn more:   DIFFERENCES BEES                                VS. WASP […]

Voles vs. Moles

These pesky creatures have similar names and are both a type of garden pest that can cause damage to your lawn. However, these rodents are very different from each other and shouldn’t be confused. Below we will take a look at the some basic features of each to better distinguish the differences between the two […]

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