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Winter is a great time to apply Lime to your lawn. In the Pacific Northwest lime is a essential treatment for your lawn to help neutralize the Ph in the soil. We have very acidic soil here and that can really effect how your lawn grows and breaks down nutrients.  High acid levels make the soil environment perfect for moss growth which is why the Northwest has such a big moss problem.  High acid content also makes the breakdown of nitrogen in the soil, from a fertilizer treatment, less effective and can stall some of the absorption of the nitrogen giving limited results from the fertilizer treatment.  Lime is known as a soil sweetener, because it raises the ph in the soil making it less acidic and conversely sweeter and allows nitrogen and other additives to absorb completely.  If you notice that your lawn is not responding to the fertilizer treatments like it should then you should get your lawns ph levels tested.  Contact Senske for more details on how we can help you beautify your lawn.

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