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Keeping your business clean can feel like a full-time job. Even once you’ve tidied everything, you may not know if the surfaces are truly disinfected? With concerns about the coronavirus causing businesses to take extra precautions, you may find yourself asking questions about the best way to clean your facility.

We now offer local disinfecting services for businesses at our branch locations. Whether you have had an exposure to coronavirus or simply want to take appropriate precautions to keep your employees and customers safe, our deep cleaning services can help. If you’ve been wondering, “how to disinfect my business,” we have the solution.

Why Are Disinfecting Services Important?

Disinfecting surfaces in your business are important at all times, but during the coronavirus pandemic, you need to pay even greater attention to keeping things clean and sanitary. When you have a professional disinfecting service on the job, your employees can feel confident coming in to work each day.

If your business is open to customers or clients, disinfecting surfaces becomes even more important. Your customers need to see that you’re doing what you can to keep them safe, and your team members need to see that they can come to work safely.

Every client who walks in the door potentially brings the coronavirus with them, and you can do your part to keep the area clean. By hiring a disinfecting service, you can welcome customers confidently, advertising the professional disinfecting services you use as you strive to keep them safe in your store or other business.

In addition to giving confidence to both customers and employees, disinfecting services from Senske help you prevent the likelihood of infection. Catching coronavirus could lead to several weeks out of work for one of your team members, and a bad reputation for your business. Proper disinfecting can help lessen this risk, and partnering with a professional to do the job ensures it’s done right.

Disinfecting Services Help You Re-Open Your Business

As the country looks at options for re-opening, disinfecting protocols must be put in place to protect businesses and those who use them. Senske’s disinfecting services can help you reopen your business when the time is right. Our services are applicable to all types of businesses that have high-touch areas, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Government Buildings
  • Churches
  • Playground equipment
  • Club houses
  • Coffee shops
  • And more!

If your business has been closed due to coronavirus concerns, but you’ve been given the go-ahead to re-open, let our team disinfect for you so you can open confidently.

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Are there any special cleaning protocols or recommendations for the coronavirus disease? Yes, and the team at Senske knows how to handle these. If you’ve been wondering how to deep clean your business, our local disinfecting service is the answer. Reach out today to learn more about cleaning and sanitizing with help from the pros at Senske.

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