Senske Lawn & Tree Care Acquires Lucky Lawns of Meridian, ID

(PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 Senske Lawn & Tree Care announces the acquisition of assets of Lucky Lawns L.L.C., a lawn and tree care provider based in Meridian, Idaho. Lucky Lawns, manager and owner Jeffery Simpson established the company in 2007. Since that time, Lucky Lawns customers have received trusted lawn and tree care from Mr. Simpson […]

What is the Difference Between Moles and Voles?

[Updated June 16th, 2020] Although they may sound similar and cause similar damage to your property, moles and voles are actually quite different animals. While they are small, both voles and moles can cause extensive damage to your lawn and garden plants if left alone. Are you experiencing lawn damage caused by a mysterious pest? […]

What You Need to Know About Spring Lawn Aeration

Spring is in the air, and it may have you itching to put some fertilizer on your lawn to encourage healthy, green growth all summer long. Yet before you start dumping more food on your lawn, you need to be sure that nutrients can get where it is needed – to the root of the […]

How Do Sprinkler Blowouts Work?

As you prepare to winterize your sprinkler system, one important step you will want to consider is a sprinkler blowout service. This professional service will ensure that your sprinkler or irrigation system is not at risk for damage from freezing water, so you can enjoy full use of it in the spring. At Senske, we […]

What Lawn Care Should Be Done in the Fall?

Fall is a time when many homeowners stop thinking about their lawns, but this is not a good idea. Fall is actually a great time to start preparing your lawn for the coming dormant period and then the next growing season. With a little bit of attention to your lawn now, you can prepare it […]

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